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Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate includes both new construction and the resale of homes. The most common category is single-family homes, but this umbrella term also includes condominiums, co-ops, townhouses, duplexes, triple-deckers, and—in some states—larger apartment buildings and vacation homes.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property encompasses buildings and land intended to generate a profit. This profit can come from capital gain or rental income and includes office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, farm land, multifamily housing buildings, warehouses, and garages.

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Land and Land Use

A lot or plot is a tract of land owned or with the possibility of ownership, and it is considered a parcel of Real Property. As with most types of real estate, land owned by private parties are subject to a periodic real estate tax, which is paid to local governments such as a county or municipality.

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Purplebricks launched in New York, 2018. This was after German media giant Axel Springer made a $177 equity investment in the firm. The firm charges homeowners a fixed fee no matter if a property is sold or not. Purplebricks announced its withdrawal from the United States after two months of shattering its operations in Australia. […]