Monthly Archive May 25, 2020

Buyer Profile: Characteristics of the Millennial Home Buyer

Millennials are currently the largest group of home buyers and it is changing many American communities for the better. This new generation of people are buying more in affordable neighborhoods for investment opportunities for their families. Most Millennial’s already have children and they want their children in good school districts for a better education. They are looking for safe neighborhoods that you can walk and push strollers and to take their pet out for a stroll. Nice parks that they can sit at and picnic and watch their children play.

The houses that they are purchasing are in the suburban areas searching for affordably and desirability. The properties are usually priced better and in nice condition to move in without a bunch of repairs needed down the road. The affordability gives them more money to take the family out to eat at restaurants, go shopping, go to the movies and attend events. Some Millennial’s are searching for Midwest communities because it usually has a college university nearby. The schools always have fun and exciting events year round, it gives them something fun and entertaining close to home for all ages.

Some of the characteristics that they keep in mind while purchasing a home is “Going Green”. Energy efficiency is commonly sought for reducing heating and cooling costs. It not only helps the environment but it is saving them money keeping the bills down.

3 Hottest Trends For Millennial’s

Pre-World War 2 Homes

These are beautiful architectures that offer charm and character with exterior frame and wood and is covered in stucco brick or stone.

Mid-Century Homes

This type of home is a 50’s style with flat roofs, triangular windows and spacious open floor plans.

Mediterranean Homes

These structures have Italian and Spanish details of ceramic flooring, tiles roofs, grand entrances, arch ways and nice detailed patios.

Some of the kitchen essentials that they are looking for in a home are 6 burner stoves, granite counters, islands and cabinets with plenty of storage. The trending designs in bathrooms are stone and glass shower doors. Sinks of all shapes and sizes are a great bathroom decor.